What is This Website You Ask?

You know those nights where you go out to a party and end up at an afterparty completely trashed?  You are with a bunch a friends, have a laptop or computer in front of you, but you just can't focus right.  You want to find something cool on the internet to do but can't really figure things out because your mind is elsewhere.  This is the spot for you.

Out of all the cool things to watch on the internet, this is my favorite one. It's a 1 hour and 30 min movie on YouTube that has the weirdest animation and coolest visuals.  Skip over the first 5 min, go full screen and let the animation play to your favorite music for the coolest effect.
 Chainsaw Maid

This has some great stop-motion animation.  A seven minute very gruesome zombie skit .  Another one that should be watched with your favorite music playing in the background
 Creepy Psycho Panda

A 6 minute stop motion skit with some really dark creepy black and white stop motion.  Can be played with your own music also.
Children's Satan Cartoon

A religious claymation cartoon that ended up being banned from television due to it's creepy nature about Satan.  Watch with Sound.
  Tourettes Guy

  We Are The Strange

Tourettes Guy need no introduction.  Funniest thing that's on YouTube.  Now with new 2010 Videos.
  South Park
  Family Guy
  The Simpsons
Bum Hunter

This Guy hunts the homeless like Safari people hunt crocodiles.  Really funny idea but it gets silly after a bit.

He's nowhere as entertaining as Tourettes Guy, but watching people try to understand this guy is kinda funny.
Watch More Mumbles Here  ---- MUMBLES